Thursday, May 28, 2015

Useful links

I find myself using the fujifilm camera more than the Nikon, I am promising myself to use the Nikon more often in the future. Let us learn and master more this entry level camera

Ten Tips and Tricks for the Nikon D5100 / D5200

I will gather more links for the Nikon D5100 camera. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to use Yongnuo Infrared remote controller

Remember the good old days where you use a mechanical cable release with film-based cameras to fire the shutter? The release has to be SCREWED to the shutter button.

It is getting better! Nikon sells an optional infrared(IR) remote shutter controller. However the camera retail stores in the Philippines seemingly does not carry the item. But not to worry. There is a remote controller ML-L3 manufactured by Yongnuo. It was a surprising find in Jeps House of Gadgets at Robinson's Forum at Pioneer St. near Boni MRT station. It set me back for 400.00 pesos.

To set up the camera for IR remote control, Press the Menu Button|Shooting Menu|Release mode. You can choose from 2s Delayed mode and Quick-response remote. Now pressing the remote button should activate the shutter!

The IR controller has an effective range of 5m from the front of the camera. Amazingly the camera shutter can also be fired if the controller is positioned at the back!

You must pull the plastic tab to enable the remote to work! Remember this button battery model model: Lithium Cell, CR2025 3V sc.

Where to buy a reversing ring for the Niko D5100 in the Philippines for macro photography.

I visited Picture City at SM City Annex yesterday Nov. 15,2013. I noticed that there were reversing rings on display. But I was a little shocked that the diameter for Nikon was labeled 56 mm!, when we all know that the filter diameter is 52 mm. Some store clerks really do not know what they are selling.

I visited Henry's at Trinoma, Quezon City, today Nov. 16,2013, in the morning expecting that it stocks a reversing ring. Alas there was none!

Finally I visited Jep's House of Gadgets at Robinson's Forum, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong near the Boni MRT station.There I got an unbranded hard plastic reverssing ring with label RING 52MM NIKON for P400.00. I will report if this really works.

Some people say that it is useless to have a reversing ring with the standard zoom lens, best satisfactory results are for a fixed lens! But it does not hurt to try. I will post photos later.

Nov 17,1:00 AM Unfortunate but I get a "Lens not attached" message! The explanation is that the camera should be set to Manual Mode.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Useful links for IR photography

I have tried IR mode but it is only in monchrome black and white. My interest perked up when someone posted IR photos at a Facebook group. It seems that you need an IR 72 filter for your camera. Until I find a store, IR photograhy is just a future project for me.

Here are some links for doing IR photography using your Nikon D5100.

toward perfect futures

flicker discussion">

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It is cheaper online, but you cannot check quality before you buy!

It is cheaper online! But you cannot check the quality before you buy. February 11, 2013 We got our price comparison table by copying the information using Google and extracted the data from
StorePublished price 21,300
Widget City 21,800
Lazada: body only!!! 24,689
Gadget Grocery 25,900
Abenson 29,990
Weemall 33,990
We warn our readers that we have not tried buying yet from these onine stores/suppliers, but we do want feedback from you. Care to submit comments for this article.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nikon intoroduces the D600 full-frame DSLR camera

Preliminary version. Will be updated until this first-line notice is removed. Here is a photo, copied from

A full frame slr camera has an image sensor the same size as 24x36mm film frame. See Wikipedia full frame DSLR article

Click on D600 official page for more details.

Looking for a spare battery for your D5100?

I bought my Nikon D5100 DSLR camera at SM Store. Unfortunately it has no stock of spare battery. Yet the friendly sales ladies mentioned that Columbia store (which has existed a long time already in the Philippines.

Columbia indeed has the spare battery by Nikon itself but it was expensive, greater than 1000 pesos. I dont want to find myself unable to use the camera when the battery is exhausted when I am on photographic trips, so I bought it. Now I am looking for a spare battery for my Samsung WB150F camera. The information for Nikon battery:

Model EN EL14 Nikon Lithium Iion battery pack
Voltage7.4 volts
Capacity1030 mAh
The cell is made in Japan, and processed/assembled in Indonesia. Next on the agenda before I go shooting: an inexpensive zoom lens for the DSLR.